March 7, 2011

Finding the perfect image

A search for the perfect image to work is time consuming! Especially if one doesn't want to work with the exact image. A photo manipulating program does come in handy to look for the essence of the subject but even work through the variety of "tools" in the program takes time and there are times when I think the image will work and it won't. Other times just when I decide to toss everything aside I get the perfect inspiration (maybe)
Stick & Stones with a bit of seaweed looks interesting but.......

manipulating in colour foils not exciting

A wrapped warp may look good as is on a large scale but doesn't do anything for while thinking of fiber

Just being silly with a crop and twirl
looking at the image in a grey scale may help me decide if the image has enough balance to work with and tweaking a bit can help

playing in texture just to see what if.......

Soft Plastic gives me the perfect image that I feel I can transfer the essences to fiber
And then checking to see if I can add another kaleidoscope to my collection. Got 2 !

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