March 22, 2011

Photo shoot

Besides learning about how to build a blog and website in Digital Communication I am also learning the basics of doing a photo shoot. There is much more to it then point and shoot. A few weeks ago Drew ,the course instructor helped me set up for a shoot of some of my earlier work. I understand more now on why it is important to hire a good professional.
I want my photos to exhibit the texture, to show the 3D affect of the item. So much more to learn.


Donna said...

Is this work from C&G patchwork and quilting? don't remember it from C&G embroidery!! Very nice!!

craig anthony schneider said...

these are great shots. You are capturing the colour and texture perfectly

ReBecca Paterson said...

Yeah ! I just learnt (bymyself) how to
reply to comments. Thanks Donna -yes
an assesment from P&Q.
Thanks Craig the use of the Photo Room
and guideance from Drew does help a lot!