April 10, 2011

New Website

I have just designed my first website ReBecca Paterson. It was a class assignment and bit of a learning curve but got it done. For now there isn't much on it , a few pictures and links to the my blogs. I'm sure after the course is completed and I settle back in to studio life I'll rethink of what I want on the website. Only 9 days of classes left and yes a bit of panic to finish everything. The website was for the Digital Communication class plus write a book which is also done .Almost finished the felting project which I must say looks allot better this week then last. But still more assignments from other classes to finish so I may not be blogging for awhile .
Looking a little rough

1 comment:

craig anthony schneider said...

I luv this colour,
and did I see a piece of yours in the NBCCD entrance near the clay room?