September 3, 2011

Grad - So long ago -

The summer was long and slow for me. I took time out just because I was able to . It seems so long ago that I was stressed over the Graduation exhibit and in a few days I will go and pick it up from the gallery where it has been on display for nearly 3 months. The whole experience of going back to school for a year in a class room setting was amazing. Yes there were many things I didn't agree on, but I look at the positive side of it all and that was meeting so many creative people both instructors, students and guest lecturers .
The influnce from everyone allowed me to push myself to work differently from what I normally do and I ended up creating the start of what will be a future body of work. This was my first atemp at an instulation and I loved it!  There are 12 pods ( the largest being over 2 ft) plus the mud spread out on 2 platforms- It really needed  to be seen to  appricate it.

The Statement - For the beginnings of a new body of work, I wanted to play with the recently learned technique of wet felting. The combination of wool, water, and friction was perfect for my fascination with the colour and textures of the Fundy Shoreline. My goal is to capture the spectrum of muddy shores, the essences of coarse barnacles, and the illusion of distorting winds on the bay. Keeping the fun in Fundy, I experimented with photos and a variety of felting and dyeing techniques to push myself to a different level of expression.

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