November 30, 2011

WIP - Wednesday

I just joined a group called WIP Wednesday, its a blog group to show what you are working on . I have a number of items that are all in the working process but the one that I am really enjoying is this felted wall hanging that is suppose to go in a travelling exhibit  I haven't got the official word yet if it is a go but I'm nearly finished, just a few more beads.


Sheila said...

It looks really interesting Rebecca , good luck getting it finished and I hope it is chosen for the exhibit.

M-R said...

Love that photo of the maple leaves -- so bright and cheerful. Cool fibre art! That beading looks like it took forever. Good luck with the exhibit!

HollyM said...

The color and texture in this piece are beautiful. I just read through some older posts and I'm wondering where you went to school. I too am in NB.