December 9, 2011

Just about finished

For the last few weeks (month or so) I have been felting, dyeing, stitching and beading . My piece for the International Bridging Waters Exhibit piece was finished, or so  I thought. Staff seemed to think it needed more work so I decided to attached it to an off white wool cloth that I was able to finished the edges in pulled stitch. A stitch I haven't used in a long time and it worked so well. I made a  protected cover for it sort of like a pillow slip with my shipping info and  the ident tag and hanging sleeve has been attached to the wall hanging, now to photograph and mail it out. It will go to Sask first to join up with the others then to England for a year where 3 exhibits have already been booked.

I'm not sure if Staff approves or he finds it boring

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