February 28, 2012

Mother Nature went shopping

So Mother Nature is completed. She was a gift for my older sister. My deadline was for Friday and I gave it to her on Saturday. Mother Nature started out being a beautiful hand dyed green that I thought I would drape in soft silks and add leaves and twigs and naturery (?) stuff. Once I put the eyes on she was not having any part of it and now she is almost gaudy. I call her Mother Nature went Shopping.
Biscuit checking her out

Sitting pretty

I added cuffs to her shirt sleeves and Bead on her buckle

Then a bit of bling with ear rings that are little birds ( same colour as her lips). I also added false eyelashes.

Some beads in her head dress, My Sisters  farm is called Moose Point and many years ago there was a white Moose that passed threw.
I love making shoes and need to experiment more.

I don't really consider myself as a doll maker but I do enjoy the construction and dressing them. I do plan on practising on the heads and faces which is the most challenging for me.So that was my week.

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rtquilter said...

Oh, MY! mom Nature looks like a REAL swinger! Cool! who knew?? Mind you, take a look outside and we SHOULD have known. She has put blooming snowdrops and red hellebores in our garden in the middle of this nasty stretch of Southern Ontario winter weather. That is cool. We SHOULD have suspected She was pretty cool too. Great doll. I need to make some again. Haven't done any lately either.