August 21, 2012

Sussex Vale Quilters'Guild 2012 Show

Some days I just don't think. But other days I am glad that I do volunteer for the odd thing. I have been a SVQG member for 3 years and last fall I decided to coordinate ( with a great co-chair) the 2012 Show & Sale. I believe in getting involved with any organization that I am a member of. The SVQG is a very traditional guild and I was starting to wonder if there was a place for me. Even though there was lots of notes from previous shows, Gail (co-chair) and I wanted to do a few things different. This year we will have 6 vendors :
There will also be quilts and other fiber related items made by the members for sale.
Everyone is invited to attend!
I don’t know why but I seem to work faster and better as a deadline looms ever so close – 31 days to go .
A peek of the wall hangings I am working on for the show.
Rusted and natural dyed fibers - Not 100% on the antique lace yet but it really is beautiful after a bath with onion skins

Paper pieces ! SO MUCH FUN ! may never do again ( OK maybe)

 Last fall my husband and I bought an old farm house with 58 acres and we ( mainly him but I do pick the colours and stuff)  are renovating which you can see at his blog The Searsville project
Everyonce in awhile he will find the odd thing .The other day as he was about to rip out another wall he found a bucket of buttons. I don't think they are very old and are not fancy but I will use them on other things some day.

So again it has been ages since I linked with The Needle and Thread Network blog but will do so this week. A fun blog to check out other Canadains who also manipulate fibers. And speaking of the the TNATN Thank You everyone for the lovely commentss about Fiona. She was very well recived at her new residents .


Mary Ann said...

Good luck with your show:)

Wow that is some project you and your husband have taken on. I saw the pic of the old hive. We had a small one in the wall when we moved into our present house. You could hear them buzzing away so I imagine a hive that size would have made lots of noise:)

Annette said...

I hav enever tried to dye with onion skins Is it hard to do and is it color fast???
looks good sew far
in stitches

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Haven't tried paper piecing yet...yours looks great!
I love the lace..cant wait to see how you use it!

Patti said...

I said that about paper piecing and I am now completely addicted to it!! So, watch out!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice to meet you...I'm from Shepody..near the Hopewell Rocks...I love your paper piecing....I have mixed feelings about doing it also..great colour

Linda said...

I was lucky enough to meet a few quilters from Sussex/Vale guild when I lived in Saint John. Such wonderful quilters in NB.

Kit Lang said...

Hmmmm that wall hanging looks like it's going to be interesting! ;)

Regina said...

That is some project you have taken on for your guild, hope and wish you that every thing will go as planned.
Nice find, those buttons, better than other things you must have found in that old house!