November 8, 2012

Clean Up

Life is busy and there never seems to be time for all that I want to do. I try and update the blog on a regular bases and I often will link to the Needle & Thread net work once a week for the Work in Progress. Last week I posted some new projects I am working on and happy to announce that they are moving a long . But after reading the blog “from head to fiber” who showed pictures of a cleanup I thought i would stop and tidy up my studio space. I use to have over 600 sq feet but more than half is packed up and sitting in a future spot  waiting for that right moment ( the big move). So I now have to make everything work in the space I have which is not a bad size but I do have to be versatile .

An office chair , cutting/ironing table, cat bed
A tour threw Gated Hill Studio
 Not to Bad


 Hard to find things
Much better really

Yes that is the comfort quilt on the design board

Once the cat is removed I have room to sew again
Thanks everyone for the comments last week I hope to get caught up on emails tonight. And I'm linking to The Needle &Thread Network

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Susan Being Snippy said...

I think by showing how you were inspired to reorganize, you pass along the inspiration to the next person -- ME! I am not having to change rooms or pack up stuff, but I sure do get things into a TIZZY occasionally and it is time to neaten things up, Thanks for the inspiration!