November 10, 2013

Moving Forward

Now that the Bridging Waters  has opened at the SJAC , I can move forward on to other projects that have been put on hold mainly because the lack of space to work in. Renovations are moving ahead just not fast enough for me. My studio is still in boxes and I was using my future office as a storage area and a small bedroom as a work space. It didn’t work -  so..... I moved everything out of the office in to the bedroom and sent up a good spot to create for both the computer and sewing machines in the office . Its not perfect but will do until studio space becomes available.
I switch to using this exercise ball a few months ago I find my legs and back don’t ache while working at the sewing machines.

Another whole cloth doodle that I am stitching, part of it will go in to the SAQA Atlantic trunk show


Caroline Heinrichs said...

I am looking forward to what this yellow thread painting piece you are doing. Very cool!

ReBecca P said...

Thanks Caroline I have just updated the the finished work today.