December 31, 2013

December was a productive month !!!

December was a productive month . I didn’t realise how much work I could get done with a very tight deadline.  Mind you, I seem to be more productive with making then in design but over all I was pleased with end results.  I’m a new knitter and managed to knit 2 pair of wool socks,  4 scarves plus 2 quilts one a large lap and the other will cover the top of a queen size bed. With the house still under construction I am working were ever I can find a comfortable space. A lesson from the cats, take advantage of what you have now, it may not be where you want it in the near future.
I used wool  from Legacy Lane for the socks and the green scarf


 Lap quilt for a friend
 This quilt was started by my Mother a few years ago. She hand pieced rows of 6" blocks then added strips of yellow.It was  the last thing she worked on. I rearranged things a bit and put it together as a quilt as you go. With a cotton batting and flannel backing It ended up being the largest and heaviest thing I have worked on. There are still a few strips left so I am planning a couple other things to use them in . My younger sister put first dibs when Mom had started so the quilt is for her. Thanks to the great winter we have been having she hasn't seen it yet

It is really very pretty with the yellow and has that old fashion appeal to it
Scarves for me (the green one and a purple one not shown) friend and Aunt

Rudy and Biscuit have the best spot for watching the birds.

Check out The Needle and Thread Network for a great selection of Fibre art.



Mary Ann said...

Love the scarves...nice and cozy. Isn't it funny how cats love boxes:)

Anneliese said...

I think it is gorgeous what you achieved, I like the socks and the scarves - a deadline in one's neck is speeding things up.