January 6, 2017

I Knit!

Yes I knit and very proud of myself to have the discipline to do so. I'm still in the early stages of this latest fiber technique that I am learning but so far I find it a very satisfying activity and most time happy with end result. I have not challenged my self with anything of great difficulty besides reading basic pattern and charts and keeping the tension between knit purl. I do like to knit basic socks- socks that I start from the toe up with an after thought heel. I taught myself ( books, you tube)- knitted lots of samples, experimented with toes up 2 at a time and wrote and taught a 4 class workshop. I like the knit 2, purl 1 rib for the leg - gives good stretch. I knit Continental style so my tension is a bit looser then what is called for in a pattern so I use less stitches that are called for. I do a sample normally and count my stitches. I have been using the Paton Kroy yarn for a while so I know what will work. I don't care for this very popular self stripping yarn and once I use up what I have in my stash I'll find some thing else. I'm interested in doing a bit of trial with a lacy pattern and have started a pair of socks in a deep pink for myself -summer socks- but I think I may have to start over- which is nothing new for me to do.

Odd looking but the fit is very comfortable

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