January 1, 2017

New Years Greetings!

The start of a new year is always exciting- The thoughts of all that I will accomplish in itself can be a little over whelming. I have a number of goals and one is continue to blog, which I have not done for some time. At the moment I'll stick with  this template but I would like to find something a little different -a cleaner look. My thoughts today are to reorganize, reduce, reuse, simplify is my word for the year at the moment.
Life has been busy and the past few months I completed a few (what I call functional art) gifts.

Two nap quilts made from blocks 
my mother had sewn together over 6 years ago.

The other side

 The other side 

 I hand  dyed the yarn from Legacy Lane to custom knit this scarf. I call it broken seeds as every 4th row is a knitted in stockinette  stitch which breaks up the seed stitch pattern.

My first pair of knit to fit custom designed mittens from very fine Alpaca on a 2mm needles.

and my first cable - Up until recently I have only been knitting socks so now I am challenging myself to move forward and learn how to read more difficult patterns/charts.



Quilting Queen said...

Happy New Year to you and DH! May your year be filled with finished projects,exciting new projects and lunch with friends......cheers!

ReBecca P said...

and same to you- maybe lunch in the near future?