April 21, 2017

A little updating

It has been awhile since I was last on blogger but that doesn't mean I haven't been working. The Challenge is coming along and I am pleased with the out come. I was asked to alter a prom dress by removing the zipper and putting the loops in. At first I thought I could buy the loops but what I purchased I wasn't happy with the look - so out came the tape and cord and some paint dyes and very happy with the results. In the below picture the basting is still in and I am hand stitching everything in place - I prefer the look. I was also able to paint dye some ribbon but not sure if it work yet.

This winter I decided to focus on another project that I started 23 years ago! A hand pieced sampler quilt from the very first workshop I had attended. The quilt is only a twin size so really not that big and I am hand quilting in a hoop having based the whole thing also 23 years ago. It looks like Biscuit has claimed it for herself as she is often under or on it when I have it out to work on. It really is a slow go but I enjoy the calmness of handwork.

And next on my list is preparing to use new tools that just arrived.........

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