June 4, 2018

Cool weather knitting

I have often heard Knitters state they normally only knit in the cooler weather. Well here in New Brunswick that includes June. This morning it was -2c with a heavy frost on the lawns. I decided it was time to turn the heel on a sock of very simple design using Peace Fleece wool that I bought a few years ago. I had bought 3 skeins with the vendor saying she would post another 6 skeins and would be in touch - never heard from her. This is a heavy wool similar to Briggs & Little Tuffy- it is pretty with specks of orange and yellow but is rough and I know will felt in an a second so I doubt they will be given away. Work socks for the winter and now that the heel is turned I'll finish the first sock maybe tonight and get on the the second one before the weekend.

Sampling is something I have been doing for just about every fibre technique that I dabble in. Knitting is no different and I find saves me a lot of time. I have the opportunity to knit up a pair of socks using Tess's Designer Yarn - A super wash Merino . At first I was going to use #3mm but decided to try out a #2mm first to see what would happen. When knitting in the round I also knit the samples in the round as my tension is very different in the flat. I'm glad I started with the 2, these give a tighter tension so will give me the size of stitch I'm looking for. I really don't care for strip yarn but this hand dyed yarn has the measurements very well calculated and the greys seem to be coming out very even. We shall see......

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